About us

Restaurant "Sue's Asia" is an authentic restaurant with very special cuisines originally from India, China and Thailand . It aims to take you on a new and exciting experience everytime you enter through our doors. It is all about the blend of authencity and contemporary decor with an impression of truely oriental atmosphere in the restaurant.

The atmosphere is honest and modern with a sense of beautifully set dinning hall inside the restorant   as well as offering a wide but elegant terace best suited for summer guests. All interior  peices are in a portrayed Asian Style and feature important Indan mythological deities.

Situated in the most prestigious Jurmala, about 20 km away from Riga city to west, where one of the world's longest beaches popularly known as Jurmala beach is located.

You will certainly have an exotic dinning experience with us as all our cooks and chefs are from India and Nepal. They all have acquired an enormous knowledge in Chinese and Thai cuisines apart from Indians dishes. The delicious food prepared by these cooks will be served by pleasing girls traditionally dressed in Indian  'Saris' and 'Kurta Suruwals'.  

YOU will  enjoy our cuisines for sure!!